This business is my first year business project. I jumped at the chance to write a book about chickens and sell it I had great success with The website is mainly to advertise my books and chickens for sale but I will have a weekly blog and a news section. If you would like to buy "A beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens please visit my sales 

What is 'Chook Books'? Chook Books is a company run by me a 1st year student called Andrew Butler. As part of my mini company I undertook to research and write a book about the care and maintance of hens. My target market to date has been people who have little to no experience of keeping hens, but who now wish ot own a hen or two. My first publication 'A beginners guide to keeping chickens' has been selling since November 2012

The Chook Books series' will introduce the new owner to the basic requirements and skills involved in the care and maintence of hens.

A Beginners Guide to Keping Chickens will educate and inform anyone who is thinking about getting chickens in everything they will need to know. Information on houses, feeding, beginner breeds, common problems, breeding, eggs and buying hens is included as well as usefull facts that youshould kow.

Following the success of "A Beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens" I have written a second book, A complete guide to chicken breeds.This book contains information about every breed of chicken recognised by the Irish Poultry Fanciers Society. Weight, expected eggs, standard colours, origins, most common use and bantam version info are facts included inevery breeds description, as well as that each breed has its own  paragraph containing other information.